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Established in 1997, the Friends of High Cliff State Park Inc. was organized for the charitable and educational purpose of supporting, assisting, and promoting the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources with interpretive, scientific, historical, educational, and related visitor services. In order to accomplish these goals the Friends of High Cliff State Park have the following objectives:

  1. Promote the park through publications, special events, and interpretive programs.
  2. Provide and coordinate volunteer services that support the programs of the park.
  3. Provide financial support to High Cliff State Park for the furtherance of its programs, facilities, and resources; raising revenues through such methods as membership fees, donations, sales, and special events.

The Friends of High Cliff State Park is a non-profit corporation formed under chapter 181 of the Wisconsin Statutes. The Friends of High Cliff State Park has been recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

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Archived copies of the Friends Newsletter are available upon request.

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Benefits of Membership

Your membership ensures that the Friends of High Cliff State Park will be able to continue its award winning work to preserve, protect and enhance the beauty of this beautiful park, one of Wisconsin's Seven Natural Wonders, for today and for generations to come.


  • Block and Split Firewood
  • Food Concessions
  • Merchandising
  • Monitor Website/Facebook
  • Chair/Join a Committee
  • Serve on the Board of Directors

For information, contact: Friends of High Cliff State Park

High Cliff State Park has many volunteer opportunities as well. By sending the Park Stewardship Coordinator your e-mail address, you will receive e-mail notifications of volunteer opportunities as they arise in the park. You need only respond to whichever requests meet your interest, availability and ability. The choice is yours; it is possible to volunteer and support the Friends of High Cliff State Park without being a member, you can be a member of without volunteering, or you may choose to do both! The FOHC welcome you whatever your choice may be.


Major Achievements

In 2014, the Wisconsin Department of Tourism named High Cliff State Park as one of the Seven Natural Wonders in Wisconsin. Our board is energized and excited to keep up our efforts to support High Cliff State Park to make the park is a place where people can experience the beauty and wonders of nature, relax and refresh their spirits, and/or enjoy the many outdoor recreational activities.

Since 1997, the Friends of High Cliff have been busy both physically working on as well as raising funds to complete many small and large projects to enhance High Cliff State Park. We were honored in 2006 and in 2012 to be named "Friends Group of the Year" by the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks. Enjoy the many pictures of accomplishment of our organization. Hope to see you soon!


Accomplishments were made possible with the help of generous donors, fundraising projects and our  membership.

2005 - Provided Accessible Cabin Needs
2007 - Constructed Visitor Entrance Station Kiosk
2007 - Purchased 40-Acre Land Acquistion for Park Expansion
2010 - Purchased Yellowstone Ski Trail Groomer
2010 - Repaired Lime Kiln Trail Stairway
2011 - Purchased Polaris Ranger UTV
2013 - Restored Historical Silo
2014 - Purchased DR Brushmower
2014 - Installed 4 Water Bottle Filling Stations
2014 - Sponsored High Cliff State Park 50th Park Anniversary Celebration
2014 - 2014 – Purchased and Installed Purple Martin Nest Camera
2015 - Sponsored Butterfly Pond Prairie Burn
2015 - Epoxied Floor of Pavilion Shelter
2016 - Replaced Doors on Pavilion Shelter
2016 - Added Shelter w/Accessible Picnic Table to Butterfly Pond Trail

Long Term / Ongoing Comittments

(2000-Present) - Wood Concessions
(2001-Present) - Fund Part-time Naturalist Position
(2002-Present) - Butterfly Pond Trail Expansion, Improvements and Habitat Restoration
(2009-Present) - Fund Earn-a-Park-Sticker Program for Dedicated Park Volunteers
(2013-Present) - Sponsor Trees for Annual Arbor Day Tree Planting
(2014-Present) - Fund Invasives Species Technician Position
(2014-2017) - Fund Part-time Invasives Species Technician Position
(2016 - Present) - Fund Part-time Stewardship Coordinator


Supporters approved by the Friends of High Cliff State Park Board of Directors will have their logo and a link to their business on the Web page as well as our Facebook. For more information go to our Contact Us page to get in touch with a Friends Board Member.

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